Gare de d'Est Paris 2007 014
As one of Paris’ main rail stations, the Gare de l’Est serves destinations which are located east of Paris, including Frankfurt, Munich, Luxembourg, and a night train to Moscow. It’s also within walking distance of the Gare du Nord with its Eurostar offerings. The closest hotel to the Gare de l’Est is the Kyriad Paris 10 ✰✰✰, which is located right in the station building.

Other hotels located near the Gare de l’Est:

Holiday Inn Paris Gare de l’Est ✰✰✰✰: Located right across the street.

Grand Hotel de l’Europe ✰✰: Also located right across the street.
Locomotive of TGV Duplex at Gare de l'Est, Paris 20131222 1
ibis Paris Gare de l’Est TGV ✰✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Hotel Modern Est ✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

ibis Paris Gare de l’Est 10eme ✰✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Hotel Little Regina ✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Hotel d’Alsace ✰✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Grand Hotel de Paris: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Hotel de Lorraine : 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Hotel Sibour ✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)
Gare de l'Est Paris 2007 034
Le Marcel ✰✰✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Libertel Gare de l’Est Francais ✰✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Hotel Alane ✰✰✰: 0.1 km (0.06 miles)

Timhotel Paris Gare de l’Est ✰✰✰: 0.2 km (.12 miles)
Facade of gare de Paris-Est at night
Midnight Hotel Paris ✰✰✰: 0.2 km (.12 miles)

Mercure Paris Gare de l’Est ✰✰✰: 0.2 km (.12 miles)

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