Sunset in Memphis, a fun weekend destination.

Sunset in Memphis, a fun weekend destination.  Foto von Terrance Raper auf Unsplash.





Memphis skyline from the airStood high up on the bluffs along the Mississippi River, Memphis is an appealing travel destination. Memphis is known for its association with the history of music as well as the Civil Rights Movement, and even if you only have one weekend to visit, it’s possible to take in most of its most famous sites. Here’s a suggested itinerary:









Saturday Morning in Memphis





Graceland mansion IMG 2856Memphis’ most visited attraction is the Graceland mansion, the home of Elvis Presley. It’s located approximately 10 miles south of downtown Memphis. If you don’t have a car, Graceland is accessible via a shuttle bus from downtown Memphis. In addition, it’s also on the city bus route 42.









Elvis Presley Grab in GracelandBesides seeing most of Elvis’ mansion, the tour also includes a stop by his grave in the peaceful Meditation Garden. There’s also the option of touring two of Elvis’ private jets, as well as an automobile museum. A visit to Graceland takes around three hours.










Saturday Afternoon in Memphis





Stax Museum of America Soul Music, Memphis, Tennessee LCCN2010630848Continuing with Memphis’ musical heritage, the Stax Museum of American Soul Music might be a fun place to spend the afternoon. The studios of Stax Records were built in a former movie theater in the 1960s, and were used by some of the era’s major performers. These include Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, and Isaac Hayes. Some of the artifacts in display include recording equipment and musical instruments dating from the studio’s heyday.







Saturday Evening in Memphis





Memphis A Schwab beale street IMG 2850Saturday evening might be a good time to explore Beale Street. Besides the restaurants that offer the chance to enjoy Southern cooking, there’s also the A. Schwab store that’s worth a look. A. Schwab is a general store dating from the 1800s, and is the last of the original businesses on Beale Street. And of course, Beale Street is home to plenty of music.









Sunday Morning in Memphis





National Civil Rights Museum 2022cBesides its musical history, Memphis also has the sad heritage of being the city where Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968. The Lorraine Motel, where the shooting occurred, is now the National Civil Rights Museum. This museum features exhibits on events of the Civil Rights Movement that include the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington. Some of the exhibits are of an interactive nature in which the visitors step into the events, almost as though you had ridden back there in a time machine.







Sunday Afternoon in Memphis





Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium Memphis TN croppedThere are a number of suggestions for how to spend Sunday afternoon. If you’re in the mood for more Memphis history, the Memphis Museum of Science and History might be an option. Known for many years as the Pink Palace Museum, MOSH is housed in a mansion and offers exhibits on local history that includes the Civil War.





Pink Palace Memphis TN historic gas station exhibit 1There’s also a replica of the first self-service grocery store that opened in 1916, as well as an old time gas station. Amongst the museum’s oher eclectic displays include fossils and Native American artifacts. You can also catch a show at the planetarium there.











Memphis Botanic Garden sign Memphis TN 2013-09-27 001If the weather’s nice and you’d rather spend the afternoon outside, the Memphis Botanic Garden is a nice place to be. The gardens include a rose garden and an iris garden. There’s also a Japanese garden with a scenic red bridge and a water garden with koi carp.











Memphis Zoo Memphis TN 2013-03-29 013Another outdoor option for the afternoon is the Memphis Zoo. One of the things that makes the Memphis Zoo appealing is that they keep many of their animals in areas that resemble the animals’ natural habitats. For instance, their Cat Country exhibit lets you view lions and tigers amongst the plantlife of their native homelands. You’d almost think that you were in Africa.








Dixon Gardens Memphis TN 2014-04-06 083If you would like to both visit a museum and spend time outdoors, the Dixon Gallery & Gardens might be for you. The art gallery focuses on French and American Impressionists, some of whom are Monet, Matisse, Rodin, and Gauguin. The museum also contains a large collection of German porcelain from the 18th century. The art displays continue as you step outside, as sculpture gardens are included in the 17 acres of gardens that surround the museum. An additional advantage to visiting the Dixon Gallery & Gardens is that admission is free.







Sunday Evening in Memphis





Riverboat Cruises, Memphis Queen Riverboat, MemphisSeeing as the Mississippi River is known for its riverboats, it would be a shame to visit Memphis without riding on one. Therefore, the suggestion for Sunday evening is a riverboat cruise that comes with dinner. The cruise leaves at 7 pm and returns at 9:30, so there’s a great opportunity to see the sunset over the river as the Hernando DeSoto Bridge lights up during twilight. The dinner menu includes Memphis BBQ, which it would also be a shame to visit Memphis without experiencing.







Memphis Winter Skyline (15994779925)So there you have an idea of how to get some of Memphis’ best attractions done in a couple of days. The next question might be when the best time of the year is to visit.


After having lived in Memphis for over a decade, I would say that the best weather is normally during the spring and the autumn. As the summer can get very hot, I would advise against visiting then unless you want to go to Graceland during Elvis Week in August. The winter isn’t really a bad time to visit Memphis. Although it does get quite chilly, snow and ice are fairly uncommon. Whichever time you decide to visit, it is possible to have a memorable trip.


Have you ever visited Memphis, and would you recommend it? If so, what were your favorite attractions?






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  1. Hi, 

    I liked your article. A weekend exploring Memphis, Tennessee, is a great idea that perfectly captures the spirit of this energetic city. The itinerary thoroughly explores Memphis’ core while deftly balancing historical significance with cultural richness. Every suggestion, from the famous Graceland mansion to the profoundly moving National Civil Rights Museum and Beale Street’s soulful vibes, proves the city’s rich history. The deliberate inclusion of indoor and outdoor activities, which appeal to a range of interests and guarantee a thorough experience, makes this stand out. This guide presents Memphis as a destination with a rich tapestry of American history, music, and art and acts as an excellent road map for an unforgettable trip. It is an enticing invitation to discover and savor Memphis’ distinctive flavors, making it a must-see for anyone hoping to fully experience the essence of this Southern treasure.

    • Thanks for your comment. And Memphis has a number of additional attractions that aren’t in the itinerary. Sun Studios is one of them, where Elvis made his first record and is also associated with a number of other famous musicians. There are also a number of historic houses in Memphis, like the Woodruff-Fontaine House. 

  2. Hey there! 🌟 Wow, stumbled upon this post while planning my next weekend getaway, and I’m already pumped! Memphis sounds like such a vibrant city, and your post has me itching to explore every corner. The way you’ve described the music scene, the food, and those cozy spots to unwind… I’m sold! 😍 But hey, quick question, what’s your absolute favorite hidden gem in Memphis? You know, that spot that’s not on the usual tourist maps but totally steals your heart? Can’t wait to hear your recommendations! 🎶🍔

    • If I was to pick a favorite spot that’s not on this itenerary, it would be the Cooper-Young Historic District in Midtown Memphis. It’s a great place to go for a stroll, and has numerous interesting shops and restaurants. 

  3. What a fantastic weekend itinerary for visiting Memphis. This hits all the iconic highlights one would want to see. As a huge music fan, I especially love that it focuses on exploring Memphis’ rich musical heritage at Graceland and the Stax Museum on the first day. Those are absolute must-visits. My one question is about logistics and getting around Memphis easily as a tourist: Is having a rental car recommended for this type of weekend, or is it feasible to use public transportation/rideshares to get between all of these top attractions? Knowing the best way to navigate could help maximize time. But overall, this seems like the ideal blueprint for a stellar Memphis weekend. I can’t wait to put it into action!

    • Most of the attractions here are on bus lines that run about once every 30 minutes, and they’re all within the city itself, so the bus rides aren’t longer than about 40 minutes. However, the Memphis Zoo is in a huge park which can be difficult to get across without a car. 

  4. I visited Memphis for a weekend trip recently and found the recommendations here very helpful! Exploring the vibrant Beale Street, experiencing the rich musical history at Sun Studio, and the impactful National Civil Rights Museum were highlights. However, I think adding a section about local dining spots or hidden gems in the city could make this guide even more valuable for future travelers.

  5. Hello! your article offers a perfect weekend getaway filled with music, history, and vibrant culture. This comprehensive itinerary provides a delightful mix of iconic attractions, from Graceland and Beale Street to the National Civil Rights Museum and the Pink Palace Museum. It is great for  a music enthusiast, history buff, or nature lover, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic city, Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the guide to exploring Memphis! Reading through this itinerary took me back to my own visit to the city. I’ve always been fascinated by how music and politics collide in Memphis, and this article helps me understand it a bit better.
    As someone who loves using Sunday as a day to be outside, I love your suggestion for visiting the Memphis Botanic Garden. It sounds gorgeous and I can’t believe I missed it last time I was there! The idea of ending the weekend with a riverboat cruise along the Mississippi River sounds absolutely magical, too. Thanks for the awesome suggestions and I’ll definitely be bookmarking this article for future reference next time I visit!

  7. Exploring Memphis in one weekend is a fulfilling experience packed with cultural immersion and memorable moments. The city’s distinct blend of music, history, and charm makes it a must-visit destination. Whether you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, a history enthusiast, or simply looking for a vibrant city getaway, Memphis has something to offer for everyone. this what you’ve provided was very helpful, thanks much.

    What are some iconic attractions to visit in Memphis over a weekend?
    What are the recommended activities for exploring Memphis on a Sunday afternoon?

    • Sun Studios is another attraction that’s worth visiting, as is the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. The Brooks Museum is an Overton Park along with the zoo, so the two of them would be easy to visit on the same day. 

  8. This webpage seems like it would be extremely helpful for anyone wanting to travel to memphis.
    There is a lot of great reads about places to visit and things to do.
    I think this would be a great travel blog to follow.
    Why I am here…
    What are some of the key attractions and features of the Memphis Botanic Garden, and why might someone prefer to spend their afternoon there, particularly when the weather is pleasant?

    • Besides the Japanese garden, they also have a rose garden, an iris garden, and a daylily garden there. There’s also a pollinator garden which has been especially designed to attract butterflies.  

  9. Hi Admin,
    Just read your guide on spending a weekend in Memphis, and wow, does it make me want to pack my bags right now! Your blend of musical heritage with the rich civil rights history gives a perfect weekend roadmap. I’ve always wanted to visit Graceland but didn’t know about the Stax Museum—definitely adding that to my list. Have you got any recommendations for local eats that shouldn’t be missed while hopping between these iconic spots? Thank you for your work and for sharing such a vibrant itinerary!

    Best regards,

  10. Hi there,

    I enjoyed your comprehensive article on Memphis, was truly engaging, and certainly makes me feel like visiting in the near future.

    Your suggestion for a Sunday evening riverboat cruise in Memphis captures my attention as I am someone with a background in boating and yachting. The combination of a leisurely cruise along the Mississippi River with dinner and a backdrop of the Hernando DeSoto Bridge seems like quite the experience.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful suggestion; it’s definitely a must-do for my future visit to Memphis!

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