MUC Maxvorstadt Uni 01
Ludwig Maximilian is the main university in Munich, and is considered one of Germany’s elite universities. It’s also located within walking distance of the Englischer Garten, the Pinakothek art museums, and old town Munich. The closest hotel is the Hotel Hauser an der Universität ✰✰✰, which is located right across the street.

Other hotels near LMU:

das Hotel in München ✰✰✰: 0.4 km (.25 miles)


Carlton Astoria ✰✰✰: 0.5 km (1/3 of a mile)


Leonardo Boutique Hotel Munich ✰✰✰✰: 0.5 km (1/3 of a mile)

Hotel Antares ✰✰✰: 0.5 km (1/3 of a mile) Airport shuttle.



The Closest Hotels to Munich Airport


The Closest Hotels to the Oktoberfest

2017 LMU 1-4 rectlinear

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