London zoo, UK (4827890430)
The closest hotel to the London Zoo is the York & Albany, a boutique hotel which is located 0.5 km (.33 miles) away.


Other hotels near London Zoo:

Holiday Inn London Camden Lock ✰✰✰✰: 0.8 km (.5 miles)


Camden Enterprise Hotel: 1 km (.6 miles)

London zoo, UK (4827846440)
The Hurdwick: 1 km (.6 miles)


Hampstead Britannia ✰✰✰: 1.2 km (.75 miles)



Danubius Hotel Regents Park ✰✰✰✰: 1.2 km (.75 miles) Airport shuttle.

EH1323694 Elephant and Rhinoceros Pavilion, London Zoo 01

Hotels near Baker Street Station

Hotels near Edgware Road


Primrose Hill -London Zoo -BT Tower -18n2006

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