Hackerbrücke und ZOB
Although they’re not as heavily used as aircraft or trains, long-distance buses offer a lower cost way of getting between cities than either. Munich’s coach station (Zentrale Ominibusbahnhof München, ZOB) is served by bus lines driving to cities throughout Europe, including Zurich, Paris, London, and Rome. There are also coaches going to further destinations like Istanbul, Minsk, Thessaloniki, and Belgrade.
MUC ZOB MFB-2013-04
The ZOB is next to the train station Hackerbrücke, which is a stone’s throw from Munich’s main train station. The closest hotels to the main station are listed here. The picture below illustrates the proximity of Hackerbrücke to the main station. It was taken on the bridge over Hackerbrücke station, and the main station is the large building just behind it.